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Welcome to Scirocco Enterprises Ltd

The leading supplier of all your requirements in the building and construction industry.

We offer solutions to a spectrum of customers ranging from individual builders to large scale construction projects in Zambia. Our range of products and services covers all aspects of the construction and mining industries.

Scirocco Enterprises LTD operate under the trade name ORIENTAL QUARRIES.


Scirocco Enterprises

We are the market leaders in the construction industry in Zambia. Based in Lusaka, and having been in business since 1981, the company is well positioned to cater for the needs of the industry.The range of products the company supplies is comprehensive and the commitment to quality makes us a reliable partner in all your projects.

Since its founding, the company has grown to incorporate modern production techniques in various areas. Scirocco Enterprises is a pioneer in many fields in the construction industry and continued investment in quality and an increased product range sets the company apart from the competition.

Scirocco Enterprises has been involved in some the biggest construction projects ranging from road construction to mines and commercial buildings all around Zambia.

  • amaka brand cement

    Ordinary Portland Cement

    We manufacture the AMAKA brand of OPC at our factory in Lusaka. Our cement is renowned for its quality and strength and has been well received since its introduction in 2005.

  •  Aggregates

    Scirocco Enterprises supplies all sizes of aggregate for the building and construction industry. Three dedicated Crushing Plants have a combined output in excess of 4000 metric tonnes per day.

    An extensive range of aggregates can be altered to cater to individual requirements. Our range of aggregates covers quarry sand, chippings, concrete stones as well as crusher run for base course.

    Our aggregates have been utilized for road construction projects in and around Lusaka as well as major civil works and have been approved by the Road Development Agency for use in road construction.We supply contractors and block manufacturers around Lusaka with all sizes of aggregates.

  • Blocks

    Scirocco Enterprises Ltd's objective is to provide the highest standards in blocks for the construction industry.

    Both static and “egg layer” type machines are used in the manufacture of hollow blocks.Continued investment results in improved products and increased capacity to serve our customers better.

    Bricks and Pavers

    In addition to the standard bricks, Scirocco enterprises manufactures a wide range of pavers in thicknesses of 60mm and 80mm. The pavers are made in a range of colours and are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they adhere to the highest standards.

  • ready mixed concretecement


    Scirocco Enterprises Limited supplies ready mixed concrete for all sizes of projects. Our standard grades are as follows:

    • 15 MPA
    • 20 MPA
    • 25 MPA
    • 30 MPA

    We also have the capability to do on site batching anywhere there is demand for large enough projects and a concrete pumping service is available.

  • precast concrete slabsprecast concrete slabs

    Precast Concrete

    Scirocco Enterprises produces a wide range of precast concrete products. These include kerbs, drains, various ducts and precast concrete walling.

    The wafflecrete system is an innovative product that is used for the construction of a variety of structures ranging from low cost simple dwellings to multi storey structures including apartment, hotels, parking structures and other commercial and industrial buildings.

    The system relies on waffle like ribs to give the tensile strengths required whilst saving on the concrete and steel requirements.

    Learn more:

  • asphalt concrete


    Scirocco enterprises have installed an asphalt plant with a capacity of 80 tonnes per hour. This plant will increase the range of related products that the company can offer contractors and road builders by offering an integrated supply chain.

    With the Road Development Agency (RDA) approving the stone aggregate from our quarries for base course and road stone, we can offer the full range of certified products for road construction.

  • transport truck

    Transport Services

    Scirocco Enterprises has a large fleet of trucks in various configurations. The fleet comprises flatbed and tipper trucks with the ability to handle all types of bulk cargo. The tippers have a capacity to deliver 2000 tonnes of aggregates in the Lusaka area per day.

    Regional markets like Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa and Namibia are other destinations the company has operated in as a supplier and as transporters.Satellite tracking is used for all trucks for security and reliability.

  • mining service image

    Mining Services

    Scirocco Enterprises provides Mining, Quarrying and Crushing services throughout Zambia. The company has copper and coal mining experience and a long track record in major earthworks. We have been involved in offsite quarrying and crushing for major road contracts throughout Zambia.

  • crane

    Crane Hire

    Scriocco Enterprice have a range of mobile cranes for hire. These are available for short and long term hire, in Lusaka and anywhere around Zambia. The sizes are 25 T , 40 T and 50 T.

  • precast concrete wall

    Precast concrete walls

    New factory is being commissioned and new designs will be added to increase the choice of products.

  • Smartstone

    Coming later in 2012 and new to Zambia, is a new range of decorative stone and concrete products.

    • Cobblestones
    • Flagstones
    • Tiles
    • Cladding
    • Landscaping products

    For more information please visit

  • Stones

    14-40 mm STONE 55.00 95.00
    20 mm STONE 55.00 95.00
    10 mm STONE 55.00 95.00
    5 mm STONE 65.00 105.00
    BASE COURSE 0-40 mm 55.00 95.00
    QUARRY DUST 0-3 mm 75.00 115.00
  • Blocks

    4" BLOCKS 2.30 2.90
    6" BLOCKS 3.00 3.75
    8" BLOCKS 3.90 4.95
    Bricks (20x10x7)cm 1.00 1.25
    Kerb Stones (1x0.3x0.15)m 60.00 65.00
  • Pavers

    BEVEL 60 mm (GREY) 0.960 1.21 48.00 x 50*
    CONLEAF 60 mm (GREY) 1.12 1.37 48.16 x 43*
    KEY HOLE 60 mm (GREY) 1.14 1.39 48.00 x 42*
    INTERLOCK 60 mm (GREY) 0.98 1.23 48.02 x 49*
    BEVEL 60 mm (COLOUR) 1.10 1.35 55.000 x 50*
    CONLEAF 60 mm (COLOUR) 1.28 1.53 55.04 x 43*
    KEY HOLE 60mm (COLOUR) 1.31 1.56 55.02 x 42*
    INTERLOCK 60 mm (COLOUR) 1.12 1.37 55.00 x 49*
    INTERLOCK 80 mm (GREY) 1.18 1.43 58.00 x 49*
    INTERLOCK 80 mm (COLOUR) 1.37 1.62 67.13 x 49*
  • Ordinary Portland Cement

    SIZE PRICE / BAG PRICE WITH DELIVERY image of amaka brand cement
    50 Kg 56.00 59.00
  • Ready Mixed Concrete

    GRADE PRICE (1m³) image of truck
    15MPA Kr 700.00
    20MPA Kr 750.00
    25MPA Kr 800.00
    30MPA Kr 850.00
    35MPA Kr 900.00
  • Asphalt

    PRICE / TONNE image of asphalt
    Kr 1,044.00

Building and Civils

Scirocco Enterprises has the following National Council for Construction gradings

  • Category B (Buildings) Grade 1
  • Category C (Civils) Grade 1
  • Category R (Roads) Grade 1

This means that in the building, civils and roads categories the Company can perform work with unlimited scope. Scirocco Enterprises has been the main contractor on many projects ranging from a process plant for Munali Nickel mine to a full milling operation at Pembe milling. Many other projects including residential and commercial projects have been undertaken. Constant recruitment and acquisition of plant and machinery will enable us to do undertake a larger scope of projects.

Scirocco Enterprises is open to undertake joint ventures and partnerships with other companies in order to bid for larger projects where our core competencies can be utilised to contribute to the success of any joint venture. The precast concrete sections gives an added flexibility enabling hybrid construction methods to improve speed and competitiveness.


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